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  Wood Fired Kiln


How it came about

  Thanks to a Craft Makers Award Scheme from Aberdeenshire Council in partnership with The Scottish Arts Council, I finally made my dream project come true. I must also thank The Banff and Buchan Arts Forum for support. Very needed.

I have had a plan in my head for a long time; wood fired earthenware, like in old times, a merge between new and old. It is a new collection of ceramics that meets my thinking about aesthetics in connection with food and, especially, the presentation of food. I think it is important that we present the food we are going to eat in a nice and attractive way. Serving plates and bowls that are connected with the form and colour of what we eat. Since I grow and eat my own vegetables, I am interested in the colour schemes of the vegetable world. I feel I am still at the beginning of the project and that the most fun is still to be discovered.